Friday, May 23, 2008

keeping fit...

A series of shorts I am working on representing urban exercise plans(heh-heh).
#1). Whistle at the nastiest looking guys girl and egg him on with a smart remark( be sure to have ample distance between you and him, before doing so).
This is a sure way to get that heart rate racing; along with your flight for life!
( visit my deviantart account in the links , to see a larger view of this comic strip.)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

osamu tezuka's -Dororo: review

I think the name ,Astro Boy, is a name that everyone has some familiarity with.
Whether you've actually seen the cartoon show or read the comic book; most people are aware that it relates to the fictional boy robot, that was popular in japan in the 50's to 60's.

Up until 2004, when I became aware of Osamu Tezuka's "Phoenix" series; Astro Boy was about all I knew of him as an artist.
Phoeniz, impressed me in its creative storytelling and world building.
And that is exactly what Tezuka's "Dororo" did!

Vertical Inc. Publishing, is doing everything right in terms of production value for this 3 volume series. The Front cover right away jumps out at you with its medical chart backdrop and floating neon characters decals as well as the hot pink back cover.
I think this story is going to appeal a wider range of fans then the previously mention works.
The story begins with a noble man in feudal Japan offer the body of his soon to be born son to 48 demons ( each taking an eye, limb , ear,etc.) in exchange for being made ruler of the country.

When the child is born it is little more than a slug and left to die in the river.
Fortunately a doctor takes him in and provides the child with artificial eyes, and ears, and prosthetic limbs.
Combined with the supernatural 3rd eye and telepathy, the child grows ; until finally he must leave the nest and hunt down the 48 demons to restore his body.
His, adopted father gives him the parting gift of 2 blades hidden in his prosthetic arms. On his journeys, he is haunted by the spirits of the dead and the god of death; but still he goes on helping people along the way, no matter how ungrateful they may be.
Highly recommended!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Been a long time gettting from here to there...

I recently moved the last of my belongings from Motown(Detroit) to a storage bin across the country in showtown(L.A.). I currently live and breath in Las Vegas( moved here 2yrs. ago).
Before the move I left most of my stuff boxed up in my Dad's basement. When I flew into Detroit ,the other week to load the moving truck.
I decided to go through some of my boxes and see if I could downsize anymore.
Turns out I could and so I did!
And what remained of my years of living after being even further condensed; fitted neatly into 8 boxes!
8 fairly , heavy boxes of records ,and art ,and photographs ,and books.
And I as I helped my Dad and brother, Matt load the truck; their stuff filling it well over capacity. I realized that those 8 boxes were in possession of the most memorable moments in my life. Memories of friends I will most likely never see again and loved ones who have passed away. Old pets, and current ones.
Trinkets and to remember moments in my life; all of these memories that helped shape who I am today.
Having a close grasp of your past is probably, the best way to guard yourself from becoming someone who is unrecognizable to your former self in the future.

I think I learned this best from my ,Great Grandma Bacha. She never let the hardships of her life change the nature of her core beliefs.
That of ,family and friends being the most important part of living and how we treat the ones we love.
She also had an amazing recollection; and would often share with me, with a chuckle tales of her life. She didn't keep a box of many trinkets; she was a very clean and orderly woman, but did adorn her walls with photos of family and friends.

Perhaps if she was faced with a cross country move as the one I undertook, she would need only one box.
One big enough to hold the photos of a city of family and friends that adored her.

Here is to hoping to fill a box in such a way- Mikey