Saturday, June 13, 2009

"The Ramen Girl"- Brittany Murphy

Been, working none stop the last several months all of which has lead me to some serious bags under my eyes and some sore finger tips (probably from holding the pens and pencils too tightly).

Still once in a while my brother, Matt and I manage to take a break in the form of eating out(take out) and watching a movie.

Today,on this occasion, we enjoyed some orange chicken from Panda Express and rented a flick from Hollywood Video, "The Ramen Girl"- starring Brittany Murphy.

I really enjoyed this flick and after watching the deleted scenes I came to appreciate it even more; for the great editing choices made.

The story was centered around ,Abby. An American abandoned and stranded by love in Tokyo, Japan ; having just made the move to bridge her long distance relationship gap.

Heart Broken she seeks refuge at a ramen shop that can be seen from her apartment balcony, and imposes herself on the shops grumpy cook.

She finds her calling after seeing the spirit of the shop and buggers the old, cook into taking her on as his apprentice. Of course along the way she forms a relationship, with the cook , his wife, and his friends despite the language gap; and they both manage to help each other mend their troubled souls.

I gotta admit Brittany Murphy, really steals my heart here, with her big eyes and comedic sensibilities, she gives a very honest experience to her emotions that I haven't found in many young actresses.

I highly recommend this film and think fans of Nipon cinema, will enjoy this especially.

I think the best way to watch this is to cook yourself up some ramen or if you like order some chinese and sit back and enjoy this sweet hearted, American japanese exchange.