Saturday, December 6, 2008


Germany vs. Allied P.O.W.'s in a soccer match, to take place in occupied Paris, their loss is to demonstrate Aryan superiority, only one will achieve Victory!
Man I love this movie! Having recently purchase and watched "Victory" on DVD. It reminds me of how strong the influence of cinema can be on ones life (or at least my own). And how a good comic book ,can do the same thing. But perhaps on a more personal, more intimate level.

A few new works of mine, are to be published ,in the near future. And I find myself wanting to convey much like Hollywood does a message in my work.
Unlike Hollywood though, not a message filled with false righteous indignation( like many of the new crap); but one that lets people understand me on a more personal level and affects people.
The way a good movie or true to life story (with no hidden agendas) can express what sometimes can be difficult to express.

The first of these works will be short stand alone stories.
Two are for comic book anthologies. One from an established big publisher and the other from an up and coming group of individuals ,that make me excited about comics again! And the last has been along time coming!
Man I'm pumped!