Saturday, August 25, 2007

The creative are made to create!

I Bought the new English release of "Akira Club "-from Dark horse manga; and resparked that internal drive to create! Otomo! This man is pure genious! Akira is at the top of my list in terms of what comics should be , a real immersive experience!! Here's some quick sketches and now I'm off to create!


John G said...

I've read AKIRA maybe 8 times. Vol. 4 is my favorite. When Tetsuo goes to see Lady Mariko and then stops using the drugs and that storm is coming while the Akira followers are attacking the temple? Awesome. Then at the end Kaneda and the rest of that building from the end of Vol. 3 falls out of the sky!

Mikey said...

John, Yeah, great stuff!
All of these old comics really make me sad. It's so hard to find new comics from any country that really leave an impact on me like the old stuff.

You know, stories that not only are well written and drawn; but also take you in and let you inhabit their world. I think maybe longer works may be necessary to achieve this, to some extent. Then again , I felt that Smuggler by Shohei Manabe achieved this in his one volume title.