Saturday, December 8, 2007

jam sessions!

This week we attempted something different for our group jam session. Each person was to come up with a basic theme and everyone would create an image around that.

The first image -was of devil girl on the rocks; second- aliens, futuristic vehicle ,and setting; third - perfect video game controller; And fourth- ninja girl and a skateboard.

If any one would like to play I'll set the theme for next weeks jam session post.
4 images of speed(motion) in action : 1.- representing man; 2.- repesenting animal ; 3.- repesenting object; 4- representing point of view.

Have fun see you next week. And remember you can e-mail me your jam sessions at


Brandon Bliss said...

Love to see all the new work, you just keep reaching new levels, Happy Birthday mike did you get my card? I dont know if I have the right email?

Mikey said...

brandon your old e-mail doesn't work anymore please give me your new one.
Thanks for the kind words.