Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vegas is weird!

Tonight, Matt, and I made a quick run to the dollar store for our favorite treat, Arizona Green Tea.

Matt, being a little short on cash , the deal was I would treat ;if he ran in( I wanting to remain behind in the car reading my latest Fantagraphics catalog).

Barely looking up I gave , Matt a $10 and a quick verbal grocery list.

A few pages into the catalog and Matt was back already, "No ice tea." he said.
He showed me the goods he purchased 2 cokes and a chunky bar, leaving them in the bag he dug in his pockets for the change.

Matt counted out the change from my ten dollars , making sure to hold it below eye level of any passerby.

If you live in Las Vegas , for any considerable amount of time you will be approached for money handouts, usually just the motion of a hand toward ones own pocket is enough to catch the attention of the "open hand's".
You see so many open hands , that it becomes second nature just to wave off any approaching stranger with a negative "No."

(real example-"Hey, man can you give me some gas money , man. For my 2008 SUV , it be a gas guzzler,heh-heh." )

That is why when Matt, in the middle of handing over the remainder of the $10; suddenly paused looking past me my initial response was to turn toward the figure at my window shaking my head and repeating my mantra to all "open handers"- "No."

"No." I repeated out loud turning to the figure close at the window.
a cute girl , hair tucked under a white hood, tucked under a white crotchet hat, except for a thick brown braid along her cheek. She carried a white lunch box wrapped in plastic and smiled leaning closer inviting us to roll down the wind she waved.
"No." I repeated smiling as ,Matt waved back ,all while putting the car into reverse.
We backed away and looking back we viewed her in the review mirrors as she headed inside the blinding light of the dollar store.

As we drove home Matt, and I recalled how peculiar that unlike most "open handers" she was dressed in complete angelic white.

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