Friday, February 15, 2008

"Diary of the Dead" and stuff

Yesterday, Matt, Joel, and I went to see a sneak-peak of George Romero's "Diary of the Dead". I love George Romero's work and happen to own all of his flicks, but I really doubt this was a straight Romero piece.
The story didn't add to the world that it's creator has spent a good portion of his life making. And listening to the response from the croud around me, seemed only to exist for those who love to see blood and killing. Now some who don't know me, might think I'm a little too sensitive to such stuff. True fact of the matter is though, I am not. I just watched the new Rambo and despite its extreme nature, the film never glorified the acts of violence diplayed but portrayed them as the reality of that world the story took place in. Big difference, to killing as of yet to be zombies , brutally for fun. I get real irritated about this ; mostly because I think this kind of entertainment creates the warped and cruel generation , we see coming up , today!

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