Monday, August 11, 2008

New Pages!

This past July 24th-26th, Mikey, my friend Andy and I attended the San Diego Comic Con. WHAT A SHOW!!!
Saw Keanu Reaves being interviewed for his newest movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Unfortunately I was only able to attend for 3 days this year. But I plan on attending all 5 for the next. Theres so much to see and do, so many people to meet and greet.
So many talented artist I wanted to talk to. I was able to talk to a few. One of whom was Anson Jew, a professional storyboard artist for film/games/tv and comic artist.

Missed out talking to other talented friends and associates, sorry Al, Mark, Marshall, Francis and Miles! The show is just to big to try those chance meetings. We need to plan meeting places AND times. AND Attending all 5 days is a must, I think.

In those 3 days I was able to show some of my newest pages around. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish inking all of them.... or even pencil the last page (pg 6) in time. I was actually inking the pages late at night while at the various hotels we stayed at.

These 5 pages are the end result of watching old 70's car chase flicks as well as the Mad Max film, over and over again.
They really knew how to film kinetic car chases then. Don't really see it done much today.

Anyways, let me know what you think... and I'll get to work on that last page!



Brandon! said...

Yeah I was going to say this is either mad max or you working rob zombie ha ha ha NICE work MAtt

MATT said...

Thanks Brandon! Mad Max is one of my all time favorite trilogies!

DonaldHelloStudio said...

awesome pages! it´s cool to see the pencils though! have to get me a RSS feed or something else to get to see the new entries! well done, well done! Ralph