Sunday, January 4, 2009

Life , it ain't easy

Well, hope everyone had a great Holiday Season. A lot has happened, just as some close friends were welcoming a new life into the world an old and precious one, departed.
My grandma June, left behind some great kids and some okay grand kids and a lot of memories, for those that loved her.
She was quiet and kind and a bit of a champion worrier; and I often wished I could say or do something to help her overcome her worries. I have always thought with age, worries should lessen.
I know one things for sure just like money, you can't take them with you(worries)when you pass.
Like my Mom, Grandma June, had a lot to do with my interest in art(obsession really).
She encouraged my Uncle Dave and Aunt Sandy to open their first Art Store (Art Store & More); and helped them run the books.
And She was constantly giving Matt and I art supplies for Birthdays and Christmas.
I remember looking forward to birthdays more then ,than I do now as a result (now it's mostly socks).

I Love you Grandma, and I will miss you.
Say hello to the Big Kid(Grandpa), for me.

(Some art for those who don't like to read , the sentimental.)

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