Sunday, February 8, 2009


While working on a short story for ZOMBIE TALES the series(#8) (from BOOM! STUDIOS), I did a little filming of my work process.
(BTW- The ZT cover, shown here, is actually a cover I did for issue #6, not #8)
On this project I used a DELETER-MARU pen nib, BLACK CAT india ink, and a Japanese PILOT-2 sided calligraphy pen.
The video image and sound quality didn't format the way I would have liked it to. But I'm still new to the edit program.



Michael said...

Hey, just saw your work in Volume 2 of the Zombie Tales series, and your work really stood out. It's really good stuff. Keep it up!

MATT said...

Thanks! I'll have a short 12 page story of my own creation in Pop Gun vol. #4 from Image Comics! It'll be a fun romp!

Oki C5100 said...

Your blog is awesome and you too are awesome! Just felt the need to say that (hehe) Plus your work is simply great! I don't want to boast on and on you really did a good job formatting this blog!