Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Had a great workshop yesterday! We're working from script - to 6 comic page layouts.

HERE ARE GENERAL LAYOUTS for the first 3 pages. Its an unusual BATMAN story - to keep it interesting. I chose BATMAN because he's a familiar character for most people, and easy to interpret in most any art style. That AND he's just plain COOL!

For those in the Workshop, (if you aren't - join in the fun!) again these are GENERAL layouts for you to help get the ball rolling. Even after final layouts are finished, there is always room for 'jazzing' each panel up a bit when moving on to the finished page.

Some important things to remember in constructing the layouts:

a) - vary the size of the characters from panel to panel. Close-up, medium close-up, wide/far shot. Keeps the page visually

b) - Have at least 1 establishing shot (background with vital elements/characters in the scene/situation).

c) - decide which panel(s) is most important in the page, this will help you determine how much space (what size the panel should be) to emphasis this.

d) - figure out what it is about the character (esthetics) that you enjoy drawing the best, and incorporate it into your storytelling

SIDE NOTE: I noticed in PAGE 1, I didn't insert "the dozens of alien ships" into panel one. -
TO REMEDY: I could change the angle in PANEL 1 to include the sky full of ships and burning buildings - or I could change the angle in PANEL 3 to BATMAN looking up at dozens of ships above him.

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email!

Have fun! Look forward to seeing your layouts!


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